Saturday, August 24, 2013

10 Reasons Why You Should Take a Roadtrip

Hi there! When the long weekends roll around, my family and I usually take road trips. Since it’s nearly Labour Day, Think of it kind of as the last hoorah of the summer. If that’s not enough for you, here are ten reasons why you should tell your family (or friends if you’re old enough to drive) to get in the car, fill up the gas, and just go somewhere this weekend.

  1. You can strengthen your relationships. Whether you’re going with your family, your friends, or maybe your significant other, you’re going to be stuck in a car with them for quite some time. When I took my many roadtrips this summer, I got a lot closer with my family because when you’re the only people in the car, you’re going to get bored easily if you don’t talk to them.
  2. It’s cheap. If you hop on a plane and jet off to your dream vacation (or weekend getaway), it’s going to be pretty darn expensive. With a car, all you have to take care of is gas money!
  3. You’ll have tons of time to think, think, and think. You can’t talk to people 24/7, so when those moments of silence come around, use them wisely. I kind of went through a crazy rollercoaster of emotions when I was on my road trips. I thought endlessly about my future, family, school, and just about everything. Those times brought out my biggest dreams, my worst fears, and my best revelations yet. Which brings me to my next point…
  4. You get know yourself a bit better. Sure, all that thinking can get a bit scary and overwhelming, but you can’t ignore all that scary stuff forever. You can’t ignore what you really want to do in life, what you’re really afraid of, and those big life-changing revelations forever. You have to face them head-on, and that’s what I love about road trips. You have nowhere to run from these thoughts and I think that’s a great thing, especially because it kind of kills your inner coward, even if it’s just a “temporary death.”  I sure got a lot of self-discovery done this summer.
  5. You get to enjoy the view. In a plane, you can’t exactly see much besides clouds. And staring at clouds for hours is just not fun. With a roadtrip, you can observe the scenery and really appreciate the beauty of nature. Well, unless you don’t want to, of course.
  6. It’s a great chance to take beautiful photos. Where else are you going to find endless stretches of scenery to take photos of? It’s the perfect opportunity to take out that camera (or smartphone) and just snap away.
  7. You can stop wherever you’d like. When you’re (or whoever’s driving) in charge of the destination, you can change it or add multiple ones as you wish. If you see a cute little shop or an interesting landmark you’d like to check out, you can!
  8. You get to try new foods! I’m someone who loves food, but whenever I’m stuck in town for more than a few months without going on a roadtrip, the food starts to all taste the same. I love trying out new food, so roadtrips are the perfect time for me to do so.
  9. Shopping time! A lot of us girls love to shop and I’m no different. I’m also someone who strives to be different, so shopping out of town is a great way to find that unique piece that no one back in town has.
  10. You can just relax. Some of you might not like the idea of being away from a place where your phone works, but getting a break every once in a while is good thing, at least to me it is. In a generation where we are all so attached to our phones, laptops, or any other little gadgets, it’s easy to that there’s more to life than being on our devices 24/7, checking our social media and whatnot. It’s good to just take a break and remember the good things in life. At least I think so.

Will you be heading on a roadtrip anytime soon? Are you a fan of them? Where did you go on some of your favourite roadtrips? Please let me know in a comment below and share your thoughts! I’d love to read them. :)

Thank you so much for reading!
- J

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  1. Road trips are wonderful! You have listed so many good reasons! I love to explore and see new things!


    1. Yeah, roadtrips are pretty awesome. :D

      - Juliana

  2. I think roadtrips are a great way to discover yourself. And definitely enjoy nature a bit better. Now I feel like driving around without a destination just for fun.

    The Caribbean Flower

    1. YES! That's exactly the kind of feeling I wanted to evoke from this post!

      - Juliana