Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY Wire Ring: Hope

Today's post is yet another one in my "DIY Wire Ring" series.  My friend requested a tutorial on how to make a DIY wire ring with the word "hope" instead of "love."  So that's what you're getting today!  If you're interested in finding out how to DIY these rings, stick around and keep on reading!

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  • A marker - Make sure the marker is about the size of your finger.
  • 20 gauge gold wire - Michael's is a great place to shop for jewellery wire for an affordable price!
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters

I like to use my fingers to make these bends, but use whichever technique you prefer.  If you're a bit more handy, try it out with your fingers, but if you're not an avid DIY-er and have never done this before, use round nose pliers to make it easier.

Continue with the "h"...

Make a small loop (be delicate with it!) for the "h."

Make another loop to finish off the "h."

Make a loop that's a bit shorter than the bump of the "h" for the "o."  I'm really, truly sorry if that seemed confusing, but hopefully the photos will help. 

Make another loop to finish off the "o" and make a super tiny little loop for the "p."

Form yet another loop (you're probably tired of me saying the word "loop," but what other word could I use to describe them?

Curve the top of the "p" and finish it off with a tiny loop that goes straight into an "e!"  I apologize, but unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the "e."  However, you can check the photo of the finished product for reference!

Using whatever technique you've been using to make these loops, make a tiny one using the end of the wire near the "h."

Slip the ring on to your marker and curve the wire so it's hugging the marker.

Poke the other end of the wire (the one near the "e") through the little loop that you just made.

Try the ring on your finger to see how it fits!

Make the necessary adjustments and bend the wire over!

Using your wire cutters, cut off any excess wire!

You're probably panicking about how bad it looks, but that can easily be fixed!  Slip the ring onto your marker and bend the wire using either your fingers or pliers so that the letters hug the marker (and your finger!)

Switch between keeping the ring on the marker and smoothing it out and slipping it off and smoothing it out to get the best result!  If you're using regular pliers to fix your ring, be sure to use the smooth part, not the textured one.

Once you're done that, you're all done!

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial!  Let me know in the comments if you're going to try this out or if you're a fan of these delicate wire rings!

Thank you for reading!
- J

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