Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide 2013


Hi there!  It's Father's Day this Sunday, so I figured that I would share with you a few of my gift ideas that you could give your dad this Father's Day.  These ideas are based on what my dad would like and what I've heard some of my friends talk about, so that perfect gift might not be in this guide, but hopefully, it'll spark some inspiration for you.  Keep reading if you're interested!


Ties for Father's Day 2013

No formal outfit is complete without a tie!  I've noticed that my dad has been wearing the same few ties for a really long time now, so this is the gift that I think I'll get him this Father's Day.

1.  Tommy Hilfiger Stripe Tie ($34.50)
2.  Michael Kors Woven Silk Tie ($52.83)
3.  Zara Tie Rack Design Tie ($39.90)



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I think that most adults (sorry if that was an inaccurate adjective) drink something religiously, whether it be coffee or tea.  During the (nearly) fourteen years that I've known him, I've always seen him with a cup of something in his hand, so a new special and unique mug would be perfect for his everyday coffee.



Going on with the previous gift idea, getting your dad his favourite coffee or tea would be a delightful present that I'm sure they would appreciate.


Dress Shirts Father's Day 2013

My dad (and I'm sure a bunch of other people's dads, as well) has a closet full of different coloured dress shirts from Tommy Hilfiger that he wears all the time.  Getting him another one in a unique colour that he doesn't already have would be a great addition to his closet.  Sometimes, I find that we forget that our dads care (somewhat) about clothes, too, so I think that this would be a great gift.

1.  Van Heusen Fitted Solid Chambray Dress Shirt ($19.99)
2.  Tommy Hilfiger Classic Fit Stripe Oxford Shirt ($48.00)
3.  Calvin Klein Stripe Shirt ($53.25)


Books Father's Day 2013

If your dad's a bookworm, this is something he's sure to love.  Who knows, maybe the two of you could bond over the book if you both enjoyed it.

1.  Jamie Oliver's Meals In Minutes
2.  James Bond Collection by Ian Fleming
3.  Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Collection by Arthur Conan Doyle

ELECTRONICS (a.k.a. their toys)


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Oh, my dad and his toys.  He would be quite miserable without his electronics and around this time of the year, there are always huge sales in electronics stores, so if your dad has had his eye on something for a while, this is a good chance to get it for him (unless it's a couple hundred dollars out of your budget).



I know that my dad is a huge fan of photography and he's always with his fancy-schmancy camera.  Maybe he's been wanting a new one for a while and maybe you should be the thoughtful one to get it for him.  You know, just maybe.


Baseball Caps Father's Day 2013

My dad rarely leaves the house without a baseball cap (I really don't know why, to be honest), so I might decide to get him a new one because you can never have too many.  Actually, you can, but you catch my drift.  Hopefully.

1.  Tommy Hilfiger Icon Flag Cap ($14.99)
2.  ASOS Leather Look Cap ($17.00)
3.  HUGO BOSS Cap ($25.00)


Watches Father's Day 2013

A classic and fancy-looking watch would be a great gift to make sure that he'll always be on time.

1.  Fossil Mechanical Automatic Stainless Steel Watch
2.  Fossil Grant Chronograph Leather Watch
3.  Michael Kors Everest Chronograph Watch


Nothing says "thank you" like a homemade card that you spent time making.  I personally prefer giving homemade cards to my loved ones, but check out Hallmark and stores like that if you're not a fan of them.
What are you getting your father or loved one this year?  Any special plans?  Leave me a comment down below if you want to share!

Thanks for reading!
- J


  1. Despite the fact that I couldn't actually get my dad any of these things (he doesn't read books, take pictures, or do anything related to coffee/tea) this did help me figure out what to get him for Father's Day, oddly enough. I think I'll go for a Walking Dead comic (inspired by the books) and/or blazer (which I thought of when I saw dress shirts and ties). :)

    1. It's really interesting how inspiration strikes sometimes... I'm glad that my post somehow helped you figured out what you'll get your dad this Father's Day. :)

      - Juliana

  2. I think a watch would be a perfect gift!

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower