Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Funday: Grad and Graduation

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Hi there!  I swear, in every single one of my Sunday Funday's lately, my weeks have either been really busy or really blah.  This week was yet another week of me being completely overwhelmed by extracurricular activities.  And I loved every minute of it.  Well, the ones when I wasn't yelling at my peers, which were rare, but WHATEVER.

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Graduation decorating has been... good?

I really don't know what word to use to describe my experience being "in charge" of the planning of the decorations of my middle school graduation.  It's been pretty stressful, especially since it's all of them are going up on Tuesday.  But you know that stress that you actually enjoy after it's over?  It's that kind of stress, so I can't complain too much, especially since all of my amazing friends (you know who you are) are helping me with them.  I wouldn't be able to do anything without them, so thank you to all of you.  It really means a lot to me.

Yet another graduation...

I go to language school every Saturday and yesterday was my graduation.  As a kid, I always hated going to school on Saturdays because it was so boring and it felt like a complete waste of time.  That's why I can't really believe that I'm actually going to miss it next year.  I think that it's really important to go to language school to keep your culture alive, so that was really the only reason why I went to language school every Saturday for six years.  Now, I'm glad that I didn't quit, but I'm also very glad that it's all over.  I completely butchered my speech, but you know what?  WHATEVER.

My next challenge... GLUTEN-FREE!

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This week, I tried to get into a gluten-free diet to attempt to calm down my skin a bit before my graduation (which is in a measly nine days.  NINE.).  It worked for a few days, but then I had to go to a birthday party where pizza was the only thing being served, so that kind of failed.  But I'm hoping to be able to stick to it starting today.  Hopefully.

Rain and whatnot.

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I think that this is a pretty cool quote from Vivian Greene.  It's a quote that I should really embrace and make a part of my lifestyle.  It's not that I'm a really, super negative person, there are just some situations where I am that person and I just freak out.  Staying positive in the most negative situations will hopefully get me somewhere.

What have you been up to this week?  Any highlights?  Please leave me a comment sharing your thoughts!

Thank you for reading!
- J

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