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Pretty Little Liars Fashion Recap: Turn of the Shoe

Pretty Little Liars PLL 4x02

Another week went by, so that means a new Pretty Little Liars episode aired.  You'd think that the show was popular enough for there to be photos online of what the characters were wearing so fashion bloggers obsessed with the show could use them to blog about the episodes... but no, it clearly isn't.  Anyway, like last week, I'm going to be sharing photos of what the characters wore and I'm going to be sharing my thoughts.  

Since there weren't many photos online of what the Liars wore, I had to screenshot YouTube videos, so that's why the photos aren't of amazing quality.  But something's better than nothing, right?

Anyway, if you want to see what they wore or what I have to say, keep on reading!

Pretty Little Liars PLL 4x02

This week was especially annoying because there were barely any videos on YouTube that showed the girls' outfits from head-to-toe.  If I did find a video, the shot of the whole outfit went by so quickly that I couldn't take a screenshot of the video without it being blurry.  Which sucks, but whatever.

The best I could find was this shot of three of the girls' outfits.  In this post, I'm only going to talk about Aria, Hanna, and Spencer because Emily spent the majority of the episode in her swimsuit, so I didn't have many opinions on that.  Enough rambling, let's get into the recap!


Pretty Little Liars PLL 4x02

Pretty Little Liars PLL 4x02

I feel like this week, Aria's unique clothes were back!  Once again, I apologize for the photo quality, it sucks, but if you want a closer look at what the two of them are wearing, check out the video down below.

I loved how the simple the vest seemed from afar, but when you examine it closely, you can see that there's beading and a few holes on the vest.  Also, it's pretty amazing how she managed to wear those tall boots without it overwhelming her petite figure.

Pretty Little Liars PLL 4x02

I feel like Aria's workout wear is slightly different from everyone else's.  I'm not a martial artist or anything like that, but I don't think many people would wear wedge sneakers (from what I can tell from the photo) to fight, which is what makes Aria so unique.  

Fashion aside (for now), I don't really know how to feel about Aria's new love interest.  I mean, he's cute and all, but shouldn't she be spending more time trying to get over Ezra and not kissing her instructor?


Pretty Little Liars PLL 4x02

You'll probably have to consult the photo above in Aria's part to check out what Hanna wore because once again, the lack of photos is really kind of damaging.  However, I absolutely loved the metallic pants with the white sheer top and orange jacket.  It's just so amazing and I don't think that me rambling on about it will describe it any better, but I just love that outfit so much.

Pretty Little Liars PLL 4x02

Also, Hanna's hair was pretty amazing in this episode.  There's something so appealing to me about messy and kind of beachy waves that she wears pretty frequently in the series.  I know that she's worn side braids before, but for some reason, this week's braid looked that much better.


Pretty Little Liars PLL 4x02

Just before I get into Spencer's clothes, I just wanted to point out what an amazing job Troian Bellisario did in this episode.  When she (spoiler alert!) got rejected by UPenn and was talking to Ezra about it, the way she said what she said, the way she nodded was just perfect and almost made me cry with her.  On a cheerier note, when Spencer starts acting petty (like in the photo above) it's simply hilarious because it's so out of character for her.

Pretty Little Liars PLL 4x02

The PLL costume designer Mandi Line said that she tried to put at least one animal on Spencer every week. This week's animal was a little more obvious than others.  This outfit is classic Spencer, but like any Spencer outfit, it has an unexpected twist.  I absolutely adore the horse (at least I think that's a horse...) head that's just chilling on the front of her sweater and how she paired an oxford shirt that was close to the same shade as the horse's mane.  The tan pants just pulled the whole outfit together in the most amazing, simplistic way and I just love it so much.

This week, I was pretty annoyed that there wasn't much development in the storyline that I actually cared about.  I found myself with that feeling of "That's it?" at the end of the episode which I really did not like.  It wasn't even because there was a super intense and suspenseful cliffhanger, it was just kind of blah.  Anywho, though the girls aren't exactly a fan of Mona, I think that it really shows their character when they saved Mona from getting run over by A.  I don't know if it's just me, but I love the five of them working together, but I'm also very curious to see if Mona is truly on their side.

That concludes this week's fashion recap.  Which outfit was your favourite?  Who is your favourite girl?  Do you watch the show?  If so, what did you think of this episode?  Please leave a comment down below sharing your thoughts!

Thank you for reading!
- J

All photos not credited belong to ABC Family.


  1. Does anyone know which black tank and/or sports bra Aria was wearing underneath the white tank?

    1. I unfortunately don't know, but if you're trying to recreate her outfit, I think that any black tank/sports bra would work. :) Thanks for taking the time to comment!

      - Juliana