Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Tips on Creating Your Personal Style

Hi my lovelies!  I'm Bohmyi from A Beautyfull Word and today I'm going to be writing a guest post for Coco and Picasso.  I was reading Juliana's lovely post about her personal style and for many people, it's hard to create your personal style.  It's really confusing with an infinite amount of clothes out there, which is what makes it so fun when you nail your personal style. 

I don't think I've personally gotten to a point where I can say I know my personal style but I have a better sense of what it is now than I did before.  It's definitely a process since your personal style will always be changing as you develop, but I've compiled some tips that should help you out on getting a better idea of what your personal style is. 

1. Remember that personal style is an expansion of your personality.

The reason why it's called personal style is because it's an idea of who you are!  Normally, the way people dress reflect who they are outside of fashion as well.  Your style is the way you have chosen to present yourself to other people, so you want it to reflect who you think you are or at least how you want others to see yourself as.

If you think about a person and their distinct personal style, it shows their personality.  And that's what we want. Everyone's personalities are slightly different, so everyone's personal styles will be different.  At the end of the day, your personal style is an expansion of your personality.

2. Choose your style trademark.

What I've noticed recently is that often, people with distinct styles have a style trademark - a part of their style that is very common in their everyday wear.  Examples of famous style trademarks are Taylor Swift's sparkly dresses, Blair Waldorf's headbands, and Marina and the Diamond's heart on her cheek. 

What's so great about style trademarks is that they can vary so much.  You can wear a shade of a colour, an accessory, a beauty trick, etc.  A style trademark will make your style unique from other's.  Make sure to wear your style trademark very frequently, otherwise people won't notice it and the entire idea will have failed.  But with that in mind, don't force yourself to wear something that you don't like.

3. Find a style icon.

A great way to find fashion inspiration is to find someone's style that you like.  This can be a celebrity, someone on the Internet, or even that girl at school who's always dressed in clothes that you dream of wearing one day.  It's best to find someone whose style you aspire yours to be like (obviously a bit different, however), but it's also useful to find someone who has the same proportions as you or looks a little bit like you.

Since you're not the one who's wearing the clothes, you can decide what you like about other people's outfits and what you don't and then figure it out from there.  Find out the common aspects of the outfits that you like on your style icon and you'll have a better sense of what you like or dislike!

4. Embrace your body shape.

I'm a big believer that you can wear whatever you'd like regardless of what body type you have.  Of course, this is easier said than done.  However, when you're feeling a bit clueless about your personal style it can be a good starting point to dress to flatter your body.  You can highlight your best features and you might find that's the kind of style you like. 

The tricky bit with this one is that it's so easy to change this tip from 'embrace your body shape' to 'hide your flaws.'  You have to keep a positive outlook on your body shape or else you'll shatter your confidence, and no well-styled outfit will look that amazing without confidence.  Make your best features stand out and embrace your body shape.  It's so much easier than trying to reject it.

5. Take fashion risks.

I play it pretty safe when it comes to fashion, but I'm hoping to break out of this.  The thing with fashion risks is that they can go horribly wrong... or wonderfully right.  Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone may be incredibly scary to you but it could make you fall absolutely in love with a certain piece of clothing or a certain style.

Everyone makes fashion mistakes.  The risk may pay off, or it may not.  Mistakes is how we learn in life, whether it be with fashion or anything else.  We're not saving lives with fashion.  We're wearing clothes.  If it was horrible, you can pack it up and never wear that outfit ever again. Lesson learned.

Bonus: Understand that your personal style will evolve. 

We all change and develop as we get older.  It's a natural thing that happens to everyone.  You're not the same person you were five years ago and you're not going to be the same person you are now five years from now.  With changes in your personality will come changes in your personal style.  And that's fine.  It's going to happen.

Don't think you have to find your current personal style and stick to it for the rest of the life.  Fashion is always changing and your personal style will always be changing.  That's a good thing.  You don't want to stay the same, you want to evolve. 

Do you have any tips on creating your personal style?  How are you going about creating your personal style?  How do you make your personal style unique to you?  Leave me a comment down below and tell me your thoughts!

Thank you for reading!


  1. I always try to stay true to myself and find things that I like and look good on me. Some things might look good on someone else, but not on me. It's important for me to understand that now everything is gonna fit me the way it does to other people. So I always try to find things that I love and look great on myself.

    1. It's great that you think that way, Zoe! I think that it's really important to know what looks good on you and embrace that!

      - Juliana