Saturday, June 22, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me!

Hi there!  I know that this is more of a YouTube tag as opposed to a blog tag (I really hope that made sense), but it seemed like such a fun one, so I was like, "Why not?"  Also, no one specifically tagged me, but when YouTubers say "I tag anyone watching this video!" I usually take it as an open invitation.  That's why today, you're going to learn 50 completely random things about me and maybe get to know me a little better.

It was incredibly hard to come up with these facts because I'm really not that interesting of a person, but maybe you'll find this interesting somehow.  Just so you're warned, I'll be saying words like "love" and "obsessed" quite a bit.  Enjoy!

1.  I was born on Friday the 13th and I almost died due to some complications.  But I'm still here, so it's okay.
2.  I love, love, LOVE food.  I eat all the time and when I'm not hungry, and it's absolutely terrible.
3.  I hold my pencil while writing in a really weird position and I've developed a weird callus on my middle finger on my right hand because of it. 
4.  The first movie I ever saw in theatres was Alvin and the Chipmunks.
5.  I'm a very sensitive person and whenever I do something embarrassing or whatever, I think about that moment obsessively for the rest of the week (but to be completely honest, it's more like half a year...).


6.  Taylor Swift is my biggest celebrity role model.  She inspires me so much to follow my dreams and I think that she's such an amazing, beautiful, and charitable person.  I first heard of her through my friend in 2007 and the first song I ever listened by her was Teardrops on my Guitar.
7.  When I'm extremely nervous, my right leg shakes uncontrollably.
8.  The first fashion designer I ever heard of was Coco Chanel and the first artist I ever heard of was Pablo Picasso (hence my blog name).
9.  Whenever I set my eyes on something, I will stop at nothing to get what I want.  That might've sounded bratty, obsessive, and intense, but that's my attitude towards my personal, school, and general goals.
10.  I used to hate painting so much, but now, it's one of my favourite medium to use when it comes to art.  It's really funny how some things can change so drastically.
11.  I'm a huge fan of action movies and a lot of people are really surprised when I tell them that.


12.  I'm completely obsessed with my guitar and play on it about an hour every single day.
13.  I was inspired by my best friend Bohmyi to start my blog and it was the best decision I've ever made. 
14.  I love being alone.  Okay, that might've made me sound super anti-social, but being independent and I love getting some Me Time.  Obviously, I also really love having company, but I'm cool with being alone.
15.  One of my favourite things to do is making lists.  I love, love, love making lists so much.
16.  I whizzed through four seasons of Castle over the course of three to four weeks and it's my all-time favourite TV show.
17.  I bob my head obnoxiously to music.  Yes, I'm just that weird.
18.  I'm graduating middle school in three days. *tear*


19.  I think Taylor Swift's Scottish Fold cat, Meredith, is the most adorable cat in the world.
20.  I love - more than anything (which is a slight exaggeration, but WHATEVER) - giving really grand, extravagant, and thoughtful gifts to my loved ones.  It's one of my favourite things to do, especially when I see the look on my friends' and family's faces when they open my gifts. 
21.  I fractured my elbow falling off the monkey bars when I was seven-years old.
22.  I don't cry when I'm sad.  I only cry when I'm either frustrated, desperate, or ridiculously happy and am having one of my infamous laughing fits.
23.  Going on the last fact, I have these random laughing fits when I laugh non-stop and pretty much die on the floor laughing.  My friends literally make fun of me relentlessly about it, but whatever.
24.  I don't really outwardly express my feelings.  I've always been a very guarded person and don't let a lot of people in, but this year, I've gotten a lot better at letting people in.


25.  I adore art so much and it's kind of my life. 
26.  I don't drink soda (no offense if you like it, but I think it tastes disgusting) and the only thing that I drink that's closest to it is Nestea.  It's definitely my favourite "canned" drink, if that makes any sense.
27.  Pink is my favourite colour.
28.  I'm just the clumsiest person.  Not to pull a Bella Swan or anything, but I can find something to trip over when walking across a flat surface.  It's quite ridiculous.  But if you throw me in water, I'm perfectly fine (I can swim well).
29.  My handwriting changes depending on my mind.  If you know me well enough, you can definitely tell how I'm feeling that day when you see my handwriting that day.
30.  My friends have called me Juliana Bieber, Jubes, JubJub, J-Lo (and I don't even know why) JubeJube, JubeJubes, Jay, J, and Jwuwiwanwa (pronounced JOO-we-wan-wah).
31.  No one besides my family (obviously) actually know how to pronounce my last name.
32.  I find a guy a hell of a lot more attractive when they can play an instrument, especially guitar.

33.  My birthday is August 13th.
34.  I'm freaking terrified of jinxing everything.  It's weird. 
35.  I DIY things all the time and it's one of my favourite things to do.
36.  I went through a phase when I wanted to dye all my hair a deep velvet red like Ariana Grande's hair once was.
37.  I've been a perfectionist ever since I was little.
38.  I would wear dresses and skirts every single day if I had enough to make it seem varied.  Evidently, I don't have Blair Waldorf's closet (very unfortunately), so that isn't very realistic.
39.  I have a terrible sense of smell.
40.  I'm a very picky person and am at my most annoying and picky when I'm in a bad mood.
41.  I love my family and friends so much, but have trouble telling them how I feel most of the time.
42.  One of my biggest pet peeves is people who don't try hard enough.  There are times when it is hypocritical of me to think that, but I still do anyway.
43.  I have never had a BLT.


44.  I want to live in New York City when I get older.
45.  I also get really disgusted when my feet get dirty with anything wet or gooey.  I'm perfectly fine with sticking my feet in dirt, but when I'm at a waterpark and am lining up to get on a ride or whatever and get some of the dirty water on my feet - EW.
46.  My first concert I attended was a Jonas Brothers one.
47.  I can actually swim well.
48.  My dream job is to be a fashion designer and have my own (hopefully successful) fashion line.
49.  I love hot chocolate and English toffee cappuccinos.
50.  Last, but not least, my dream school is FIT - the Fashion Institute of Technology.  I would be on cloud nine if I got the chance to major in fashion design at that school.

I hope that you enjoyed this fun tag and thank you so much for reading!  Leave me a comment telling me a weird and completely random fact about you - I'm really curious.
- J


  1. I have a callus on my middle finger too, because I hold pencil a bit differently than most people. I really love your blog and you write really well. I usually have a hard time concentrating on what blogger's are writing - I prefer looking the pictures, but I enjoy your texts. I've followed your blog from the really beginning and your posts get better and better. :)

    I've commented before too, but sometimes I see an error message and the comment doesn't get published.


    1. Thank you so much for your sweet compliments! I'm so happy that you enjoy reading my blog so much and it's all I could ever ask for.

      And that's odd, about the comments not getting published. It's possible that the CAPTCHA code was entered incorrectly? Either way, hopefully it doesn't happen again. :)

      Thank you for taking the time to comment!
      - Juliana

  2. Replies
    1. That's so awesome. :) I love being able to relate to my readers, it's such an amazing feeling. Anything in particular, though?

      - Juliana