Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Current Love: Jelly Sandals


Hi there!  You could probably tell from the title above, but today, I'm going to share with you my latest obsession: jelly sandals, more specifically, the ones from NINA2 and HUEY2.  Aren't they lovely?  They're a cool twist on a regular old pair of sandals and are absolutely perfect for summer.  I'm hoping to go out and get my own pair soon because they just look so amazing.  

Keep reading to find out why I love them so much!

I first saw these shoes on Elle Fanning a while back and I immediately fell in love with these gorgeous sandals.  They went so well with her outfit and they were pink!  PINK!  You might not know this little bit about me, but I'm pretty in love with the colour pink.

Current Love: Jelly Sandals

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To me, these shoes would be such an amazing, quirky, and playful addition to anyone's summer wardrobe.  They can be worn with dresses, skirt, shorts, anything, to be honest.  They're such a unique pair of shoes and I'm so in love with them.  I would ramble some more, but I doubt anyone would be interested in reading that.

Next week, I'll be back with yet another "3 Ways to Wear" post next week, sharing with you a few ways I'd wear these amazing sandals.

What are your thoughts on these sandals - love 'em or hate 'em?  Which colour do you like these shoes in?  Please do leave me a comment sharing your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!
- J

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